It has been a very long time since my last post with some of my pictures!

Summer has not inspired me much this year. Before showing some of my more recent pictures (autumn is always more productive for me), I still wanted to share a small set of pictures from this summer.

After my previous tutorials about the integration of Supersized 3.1 and 3.1.x in Wordpress, I realised that I should really use my understanding of this in a more useful way. Why not write a plugin that would seamlessly integrate Supersized in Wordpress, without the user...

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For sorting and classifying my pictures, I have been using Picasa for quite some time now. While I still believe that this is the fastest images manager that I have ever seen, it has some limitations and I have been thinking about using Adobe Lightroom instead. My only issue before switching to Lightroom was that I first had to make sure that I could import the numerous albums that I had created to sort my pictures in Picasa. With 40K+ pictures and several thousands sorted in albums, I could not afford to lose this information when switching to Lightroom. A related issue was that I had many star-rated pictures in Picasa that I also wanted to transfer. Neither Picasa nor Lightroom support this kind of transfer and I could not find any solution that suited me on the Internet. So I looked at the problem myself. Dissecting the required process into simple steps made it easier to find a solution. The rest of this post will describe how I did it.


Spring is in full swing now and this is also the best time to visit the Halle wood. This year, March and April have been warm and dry months here in Belgium and I have the feeling that flowering of the bluebells (and other flowers), as well as appearance of leaves on trees, have taken place earlier than usual.
The following pictures are the results of my four visits to the Halle wood over the course of three weeks in April.