One of my favourite group of plants in the Solvay Domain, La Hulpe

Remembering the summer


It has been a very long time since my last post with some of my pictures!

Summer has not inspired me much this year. Before showing some of my more recent pictures (autumn is always more productive for me), I still wanted to share a small set of pictures from this summer.

The first three have been taken during some of my summer hikes here in Belgium, all of them in Brabant.


[az_gallery_images images_gallery=”15686,15690,15694″ gallery_layout=”masonry-gallery”]
[az_column_text]And of course, I could not resist to the creation of some of my Intrigantes (you can find more of them in my galleries. Have a look at these two. As always, there is absolutely no “computer magic” behind these images, only some slow shutter speed and my experience ;-)[/az_column_text]
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