Sunrise over Perk (Vlaams Brabant, North-East of Brussels)

Sunrise in Perk & Halle wood

[az_column_text]This Saturday, I woke up early (5:30 AM !) to try and capture in a picture what I see almost every day on my way to work. Even if it is not pure nature, the view is usually worth looking at.

The sunrise yesterday was not as beautiful as some of the ones that I have already witnessed when cruising on the highway but it was still a nice one. Even if it seems to be a picture of a quiet spring sunrise in the flat countryside north-east of Brussels, I was only a few meters off the highway and planes leaving Brussels airport every few seconds were adding to this to make it one of the noisiest place I know…[/az_column_text]

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[az_column_text]Later in the afternoon, I went back to the Halle wood (see my previous post) where the bluebells were now almost in full bloom (they will probably be at their peak within a week). As you can see, I was in a panoramic “mood” 🙂
I do not know why but this place seems to attract a lot of Japanese tourists![/az_column_text]
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