Reflection of the roof of the castle of La Hulpe in a temporary pool

Spring is back !

[az_column_text]Spring is back !
Here is my first flower picture of the year, taken a week ago at the castle of La Hulpe as those who have been there might recognize in the next picture 😉


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[az_column_text]This afternoon, on my way back from a nice flower show in Enghien, I stopped in the Halle Wood, a spot well known in Belgium for its impressive “sea” of bluebells. Unfortunately, I was probably a week or two too early. Here is how it looked like today. Only wood anemones were visible. Almost no bluebells yet.[/az_column_text]
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[az_column_text]But here is how it looked like last year (one week later). Much better ! I hope I will be able to return there with good lighting conditions when the flowers will be at their peak.[/az_column_text]
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