The new WP Supersized (version 3.0.1) is here!

UPDATE: WP Supersized is now at version 3.0.2. It now allows the use of images from NextGEN Gallery, the WordPress Media Gallery, your own choice of directory within the wp-content folder, or a list of slides defined in an xml file (for advanced users). See the changelog.

The latest update of my plugin WP Supersized has the following main new features:

  • Added support for the use of images from NextGEN galleries.
  • Added a panel in post/page editor to allow the selection of the images source – no need to type your selection in a custom field anymore.
  • Redesigned the options panel, using tabs to reduce clutter.
  • Added a folder selector to the options page for easy selection of the default folder or NextGEN gallery.
  • Added the ability to have captions displayed even if the rest of the Supersized footer is off (allows displaying html from image caption even with the footer option off).
  • Added checks for the existence and read permissions for image folders and NextGEN or WP Media gallery images – displays an informative error image if an error is detected.
  • Updated with the latest versions of Supersized (3.2.7) and its Shutter theme (1.2).
  • Improved: the glob() function should now work better for users with some servers that do not support the BRACE option. Thanks to Jan for suggesting this.
  • Improved: replaced the url by the absolute path for reading xml files to avoid possible problems with some hosts. Thanks to Aaron Ware for suggesting this.
  • Improved: automatic removal of slashes in the default dir and custom dir paths.
  • Bug fix: archive, tag, category, or date pages should now correctly display the default images.
  • Bug fix: the plugin should now work correctly with xml files containing no images: default images are shown instead (as advertised!).
  • Bug fix: the plugin should now work correctly with IE when using WP Gallery images. Thanks to Simon for spotting this bug.
  • Removed the xmlLib library. The plugin now uses standard SimpleXML functions. IMPORTANT: if you use xml files for defining your images, two slides field names must be renamed: slide-link to slide_link and slide-thumb to slide_thumb in the xml files.

For more details, have a look at the plugin page in the WordPress plugins repository.

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  • Barjel
    Posted at 02:56h, 09 May Reply

    Very simple and very pretty!
    thank you…

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