WP Supersized 2.0 is available

My WordPress plugin WP Supersized 2.0 is now available.
It brings additional possibilities for choosing the images used by the plugin: you will be able to use images from the WordPress Media Gallery, your own choice of directory within the wp-content folder, or a list of slides defined in an xml file (for advanded users). The most important changes are the following:

  • Added the ability to use the WordPress Media Gallery images attached to pages/posts as source of images.
  • Added the ability to use an xml file to define all images, titles, links, and options for each post/page separately.
  • Added the ability to use HTML and links in the caption of the images (only when using the xml file).
  • Behaviour change: slight modification to allow an image to be displayed even when there is only one in the chosen folder and in slideshow mode.
  • Behaviour change: removed the option Only on posts/pages with custom field SupersizedDir. Any post/page that has a custom field SupersizedDir filled in will use Supersized.
  • Bug fix: the navigation controls are now working as expected in the Flickr mode.

    Check the WP Supersized page for more details.

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