Sunrise at the Baraque Michel

After almost a week of very difficult driving due to the continuous snowfall here in Belgium, I managed to reach the Hautes Fagnes in time for the sunrise. It took me almost two hours to get there and I was almost too late to catch the best light. I barely had the time to jump out of my car, run (well… as best as I could) in the deep snow to a few hundred of meters away from the road to take the pictures of the sunrise. I had no snowshoes and it was impossible to get very far from the road without them so I will need to be better prepared next time !

Sunrise at the Baraque MichelSunrise at the Baraque MichelFrost at sunrise - Baraque MichelThe Fischbach chapel - Baraque MichelThe Fischbach chapel - Baraque Michel

A short walk in the Hautes Fagnes

I had a quick visit to the Hautes Fagnes, near Spa (and Francorchamps) two weeks ago. Just a few hours of relatively clear weather before the weather turned rainy and sad.

Sunrise along the road from Francorchamps to the Spa airfield. Time to hurry up: these nice little clouds announce the arrival of rainy weather ! One of my favorite spots in the Fagne de Malchamps, between Francorchamps and the Spa airfield. I showed <a  href="">another picture of it</a> during my recent exhibition The river Hoegne, not far from Spa, in probably one of the most beautiful little valley in Belgium

Sky & Atmosphere

Some time ago, I was discussing with a colleague about the importance of the sky and atmospheric phenomena in landscape photography. Blue sky is not interesting if it is not improved by a least a few clouds. And colour appears in the sky only if there is something (like clouds) to support it ! So, I made a quick selection of some of my pictures from the last few years to illustrate the point. Here they are: