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Enjoying the view from Sentinel Dome (Yosemite NP)

About me

Although not a professional photographer, I have a passion for the great outdoors and nature in general and photography is my mean of prolonging and sharing fleeting visions of exceptional places and moments with others. It is also a privileged mean of communicating my personal view of the world surrounding us.

Like many other landscape photographers, I am attracted to the American West. With its huge variety of marvelous landscapes and climates well protected by the National Park Service, it is a dreamland for outdoor enthousiasts and a paradise for nature photography. Because of their purity and loneliness, deserts are also an ideal location for my thirst for simple and beautiful images.

Going to far-off places is not always required to find natural beauty. Europe is also very attractive, even tiny Belgium, where I am located, has some natural jewels that you may discover on this website.

Most of my photographic work is driven by my quest for purity and simplicity. This has led to some impressionistic pictures series such as “Les Intrigantes”.

About materials & techniques

Many people tend to ask the same questions: “Which camera (brand) do you use ?”, “How did you do that ?”, “Was is a lot of work in Photoshop ?”,…

So I thought that I should answer these questions here for those who might be interested in them.

To be honest, I do not really care which camera I use as long as it gives me the quality I am requiring for my photography. For me, a camera is only a tool to capture light and record the image that I want to obtain. Same philosophy with computers and software. In the end, what I want is the best tool to reach my goal. And it does not often mean paying a lot!

Over the years, I have used everything from 24×36 Canon EOS reflex cameras to medium format cameras such as a 6×6 Lubitel 166, a 6×4.5 Mamiya 645, and this marvelous monster, the Mamiya Press Universal first with a 6×7 back and later with a 6×9 back, all with good old negative film or transparency (almost exclusively Fuji).

I switched to digital when I considered that its quality was approaching the one obtained from negative film. In digital, I work mostly with my Canon EOS reflex cameras but I also often use my Canon digital compact as a “photographic sketchbook” when I need to travel light.

Depending on the type of pictures, I use several format ratios for my final prints: square, 2:3, 3:4, and in my panoramic pictures, I try to limit myself to the 1:3 and sometimes 1:2 ratios. The technique I use most often for large panoramic pictures is to combine several images into one. This can be done either in Photoshop or using the excellent Autopano Pro.

Many people are curious about how I produced my “Intrigantes” series. I have developed my own long exposure/camera movement “procedure” to obtain the kind of impressionist effect that I was looking for. Although I started my first experiments a long time ago, still with negative film, a digital camera, with instant preview of the final result has helped me to develop my vision.

My philosophy of simplicity and purity also applies to the work done on the picture after it has been taken. My post-processing work is limited to the usual adjustments also previously performed when printing negatives. For this, I use Adobe Lightroom almost exclusively. No other modification, except for removing dust present on the sensor. This allows me to spend most of my time taking pictures in nature instead of in front of a computer!