My sandbox

You will find here some of my plugins for WordPress that have already been published and some others that are still in development but ready to be tested.

Click here to see a demo of WP Supersized, my WordPress plugin that allows the display of full page background images in your WordPress website or blog.

Click here to see a demo showing the use of WP Supersized to build a full screen photo gallery.
Want to see how it was done ? Check this post.

Click here to see a demo of Belgo Meteo, my WordPress plugin that displays Belgian weather forecast and observations in a widget.

Belgo Meteo

This page features a demo of the Belgo Meteo widget that displays Belgian weather info.

Are you managing a website for tourist information in Belgium, or maybe one about outdoor activities, or any that could benefit from reliable weather info for Belgium ?
Then this widget is for you !

Its main features are the following:

  • Displays Belgian weather info (current observations and forecast) in a widget.
  • Includes several Belgian sources of information:
    IRM/KMI (the official Belgian national weather center –
    Meteo Belgique/Meteo Belgie (an alternative weather forecast website –
    Shower radar (Buien radar –
    Using Belgian sources of weather information insures that the forecast/observations are the most reliable possible.
  • Allows the selection of the location for the observations and forecast
  • Allows the choice of several languages (English, French, Dutch, German) for the front-end display.
  • Several instances of the widget may be displayed in the sidebar, with different options for each of them.

Download Belgo Meteo here

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