Happy 2013!

January 1, 2013 / no comments

Happy new year to all!
Here is the image I had chosen for my paper New year cards. I have taken it during my trip to British Columbia in September 2011. There was already snow during my stay there. I called this image “Symetries” for obvious reasons (I think) but it also had another appeal to me: move your mouse over the image to see what I had seen in it 😉

Smiling Cloud

Happy 2012!

January 9, 2012 / no comments

For all of you who did not receive my paper postcard for the new year, here is the picture that I used.
Taken at the end of 2010 as I have not yet seen snow here in Belgium this winter…
You may have already seen a black and white version of this image in one of my previous posts.
I like the abstract shapes in this image. Before they notice the tree leaves at the bottom of the image, many people do not have any sense of scale and can only wonder what this could be. I hope you like it.

Natural patterns in the snow, just before sunset, close to La Hulpe, Belgium

Happy 2012 to you all !!!

Washington – British Columbia – Alberta teaser

November 17, 2011 / no comments

A few weeks ago, I spent two weeks around the state of Washington and visiting the South-West of Canada, British Columbia and Alberta. I am busy with sorting and selecting my pictures taken during this trip. When they will be ready, you will be able to see them in my galleries, of course.
In the meantime, as a teaser, here is a picture taken at sunrise in one of the most iconic places in Banff National Park: Moraine Lake.

Sunrise at Moraine Lake, Banff National Park, Alberta, Canada

Black & White snow patterns

March 3, 2011 / no comments

With the winter 2010-2011 coming to a close, I wanted to show a few last pictures with snow before spring settled in. Here are a few images taken this winter, all of them converted to black and white from RAW files.

Natural patterns in the snow, close to La Hulpe, BelgiumNatural patterns in the snow, close to La Hulpe, BelgiumNatural patterns in the snow, close to La Hulpe, BelgiumArtificial patterns in the snow, created by skiers in Les Arcs, France

The first three ones were taken not far away from where I live with my Canon EOS reflex digital camera – nothing special there. The last one, taken during my ski holiday in Les Arcs (France), is a special case: this picture has been taken with my Canon Powershot A630 compact digital camera and was also converted from RAW to black and white. Wait a minute ! Many of you will probably think that I must be wrong: a Powershot A630 does not take RAW pictures !

Indeed, that is what I thought also until a few months ago when I discovered CHDK (Canon Hack Development Kit), a very potent and versatile (and free !) firmware update for many Canon compact digital cameras (Point & Shoot cameras).
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