The lost mailbox

This last Sunday, the morning looked grey and rather cool: perfect weather for a bit of mountain biking. I thought: “no need for a camera, the light is not good”. And so I went away, with nothing but my bike for a ride in the neighbourhood. After only a few km, I spotted a mailbox drowned in a group of flowers against the wall of an old farm in Rixensart. I hesitated a bit: continue with my bike ride or go back to get my camera. The light looked like it would soon change with clouds becoming thinner, so I rushed back home, hoping that the wind would not increase and that the cloud cover would not break too fast, to keep the even light that was perfect for the image that I had in mind. Back home, I picked up my equipment, jumped in my car (to get there quicker ;-)) and went back again to the old farm. Here is the result!

Mailbox lost in the flowers

Back to Perk for another misty sunrise

A few weeks ago, I bought a new tripod (Manfrotto 055 CXPro4) and ballhead (MH054) and I was looking for an opportunity to test my new equipment. A few days later, on a (very) early Saturday morning, I could not sleep anymore and the weather was looking perfect for some mist low on the ground: it had rained for a few days, the night was relatively cold and the day was supposed to be sunny. So I jumped out of bed, picked up my equipment and drove a few km to be around the village of Perk just in time for sunrise. You may have already seen an earlier image taken at the same spot but I think that this one is better. The mist and colours were just right. This time, I also had enough time to build a panoramic image by taking a series of 7 vertical pictures that I later combined to give an image that would be 150 x 50 cm if printed at 300 dpi!
And, by the way, the tripod and ballhead are a pleasure to use once I got used to the ballhead.

Misty sunrise in Perk

Happy 2012!

For all of you who did not receive my paper postcard for the new year, here is the picture that I used.
Taken at the end of 2010 as I have not yet seen snow here in Belgium this winter…
You may have already seen a black and white version of this image in one of my previous posts.
I like the abstract shapes in this image. Before they notice the tree leaves at the bottom of the image, many people do not have any sense of scale and can only wonder what this could be. I hope you like it.

Natural patterns in the snow, just before sunset, close to La Hulpe, Belgium

Happy 2012 to you all !!!

A colourful grey morning

With the very mild rainy and grey weather that has been present for a few weeks here in Belgium, nature is mostly grey these days. Not even some snow or ice to bring some contrast. Not very attractive for landscape photography.
So I went back to my pictures taken at the very end of October to publish this colourful post. All these images were shot during a grey morning in the Solvay Domain, in La Hulpe. The sky was a flat white screen, ideal for details of the landscape without too much contrast. The tree leaves were also still wet from a recent shower and were at their best, especially when I used a polarizing filter to remove the highlights caused by reflections on the wet leaves.
Here is a selection of my images from that colourful grey morning 😉

Colourful trees reflection in one of the ponds of the Solvay Domain in La Hulpe, BelgiumColourful trees reflection in one of the ponds of the Solvay Domain in La Hulpe, BelgiumColourful trees reflection in one of the ponds of the Solvay Domain in La Hulpe, BelgiumColourful trees reflection in one of the ponds of the Solvay Domain in La Hulpe, BelgiumColourful contrast between the almost gone and the ever greenAutumn leaves detailsAutumn leaves detailsA colony of dark mushrooms thrives on the dead leavesColourful mess of shrubs and fernsLast remnant of summer, a wild strawberry seems to be ready to stay red and green for months to come

And I went back a few days later, this time with a little bit of sun and later with a ‘white sky’ that gave a nice even light for photographing in the forest.

With the sun at a low angle, this was the ideal moment to make these pine trees stand out from the backgroundPine trees in the quiet surroundings of a less-travelled path in the Solvay Domain, La Hulpe, BelgiumA magical stand of pine trees along a quiet path of the Solvay Domain, La Hulpe, Belgium

Remembering the summer

It has been a very long time since my last post with some of my pictures!
Summer has not inspired me much this year. Before showing some of my more recent pictures (autumn is always more productive for me), I still wanted to share a small set of pictures from this summer.
The first three have been taken during some of my summer hikes here in Belgium, all of them in Brabant.

A field of flowers in HalleAn island of white in the green, HalleOne of my favourite group of plants in the Solvay Domain, La Hulpe

And of course, I could not resist to the creation of some of my Intrigantes (you can find more of them in my galleries. Have a look at these two. As always, there is absolutely no “computer magic” behind these images, only some slow shutter speed and my experience 😉

Summer Intrigantes, in the Solvay Domain, La HulpeSummer Intrigantes, in the Solvay Domain, La Hulpe