Back to Perk for another misty sunrise

September 1, 2012 / no comments

A few weeks ago, I bought a new tripod (Manfrotto 055 CXPro4) and ballhead (MH054) and I was looking for an opportunity to test my new equipment. A few days later, on a (very) early Saturday morning, I could not sleep anymore and the weather was looking perfect for some mist low on the ground: it had rained for a few days, the night was relatively cold and the day was supposed to be sunny. So I jumped out of bed, picked up my equipment and drove a few km to be around the village of Perk just in time for sunrise. You may have already seen an earlier image taken at the same spot but I think that this one is better. The mist and colours were just right. This time, I also had enough time to build a panoramic image by taking a series of 7 vertical pictures that I later combined to give an image that would be 150 x 50 cm if printed at 300 dpi!
And, by the way, the tripod and ballhead are a pleasure to use once I got used to the ballhead.

Misty sunrise in Perk

Misty sunrise in Ohain and daffodils in La Hulpe

April 4, 2011 / no comments

March has been a beautiful month this year in Belgium: dry and sunny. Quite unusual !
Finding the right moment for nice pictures was easier that way. Here are a two pictures that I took a week ago on a misty early morning on a small road between Waterloo and Ohain.

Misty sunrise on a small road between Waterloo and OhainMisty sunrise on a small road between Waterloo and Ohain

I have taken the next ones in one my favorite places, the Solvay Domain in La Hulpe. Daffodils were in full bloom and there was almost no wind. Perfect conditions for photographing these fields of daffodils in the woods.
Two nice moments that I wanted to share with you 🙂

A field of daffodils in the woods of the Solvay Domain, in La HulpeA field of daffodils in the woods of the Solvay Domain, in La Hulpe

Sunrise at the Baraque Michel

December 27, 2010 / one comment

After almost a week of very difficult driving due to the continuous snowfall here in Belgium, I managed to reach the Hautes Fagnes in time for the sunrise. It took me almost two hours to get there and I was almost too late to catch the best light. I barely had the time to jump out of my car, run (well… as best as I could) in the deep snow to a few hundred of meters away from the road to take the pictures of the sunrise. I had no snowshoes and it was impossible to get very far from the road without them so I will need to be better prepared next time !

Sunrise at the Baraque MichelSunrise at the Baraque MichelFrost at sunrise - Baraque MichelThe Fischbach chapel - Baraque MichelThe Fischbach chapel - Baraque Michel