It has been a long time that I have been thinking about updating the look of my website. Not only does the look need an update but also several things are not working as they used to, such as galleries, or even the front page.
So, it is time for a change!

It means that, in the coming weeks, the website will be sometimes unavailable. But no worries, it is coming back soon with a new look 🙂


As promised in my previous post, as the Namur Nature Festival is now finished, I will show you my pictures that were selected among the finalists of the contest.
It was actually even better than I thought: during the awards ceremony last week, I had the (very nice) surprise to be awarded the Award for best Mini-Serie for the four images shown below.
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Last week, I was informed that two of my submissions for the 2017 Namur International Nature Photo Contest have been accepted 🙂
One of them is a single photo in the Landscape category while the other one, in the mini-portfolio category includes four images.
I was nicely surprised to be selected twice for the final, among more than 6300 entries.

I will not show my selected images in this post but will let you discover them during your visit to the 23rd edition of the FINN 2017 (International nature film and photography festival) in Namur, from 13 September until 22 September 2017.
You will be able to see my pictures among the other finalists of the competition and many other nature photography exhibitions.
And for those of you who will not be able to visit the festival, I’ll post them here after the festival.


Recently, I have been contacted by the PR Relations Manager from Sleeklens, asking me if I would test and review their Through The Woods workflow. The agreement was that I would review the workflow honestly, without bias.
As was already the case earlier (see my review of printing at zor.com), this decided me to accept the request.
Here are my first impressions about the Through The Woods presets and brushes.
To illustrate this post, I used a few images from one of my trips to Northern Aragon (Spain) and the French Pyrenees.
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As mentioned in part 1, this post has been in my drafts folder for some time already. So prices that are mentioned below have probably changed in the meantime.

After my previous post about printing my images at Authentic, I thought that it would be useful to describe my experience with a newcomer on the market for printing images in Belgium (and France). Zor.com is a new internet printer, specialized in direct printing on several types of boards in a relatively limited range of sizes. Where they differ from the many other printers available today on internet is their prices. Surprisingly low compared to their competition.
They print on Dibond, acrylic glass, forex, carboard, and canvas.

To make it clear from the beginning, I was actually contacted by a Zor representative asking me to speak about them on my blog in exchange for a free print. As I was not bound to use their own publicity or to be positive about their work, I decided to accept the deal. But, before giving them a positive answer, I immediately tested them by ordering two prints, one on Dibond and the other on acrylic glass. I was wondering if there would be a difference in quality or delivery speed between this ‘anonymous’ order and the one I would do in exchange for a post about them.
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