Yes! In case you wondered, I’m still alive and I’m back after more than a year without updates of this website.
Circumstances of life made it almost impossible for me to take care of my website during the last year.

I want to apologize for this silence to all readers but especially to the users of my WP Supersized plugin who have sent many questions left unanswered.
If you are one of them, note that I am busy preparing an update of the plugin to solve some issues that appeared since the last update. A little bit more patience and the new update will be ready for download.
Also, if your questions about WP Supersized are still unanswered and you still need help, please send me these questions again (first check the new version when available) as I will most probably not have the time to go over all the questions/comments that I had received during the last year.

Among others things, I am currently working on a brand new and improved version of my website. Still in development but I hope to have it ready during the summer.

In the meantime, I invite you to visit my next exhibition, entitled “When nature plays architect“, during the Randonnée d’Artistes de Rixensart !

Poster Randonnée d'Artistes de Rixensart

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  1. Thanks for the consideration, hope life is treating you better.
    I’d like to help translating the plugin to pt_BR (Brazilian Portuguese)
    Drop me a note and I send you the PO/MO files

    • Dionizio,
      Thanks for your proposal. I will send you the PO/MO files once I will have updated them with the latest version of the plugin (within a few weeks).

  2. Firstly, welcome back to your own blog 🙂

    I was wondering if the current version of the WP Supersized plugin is compatible with the latest WordPress 3.9.1

    I will download and test it anyway and let you know the results,


    • Cylis,
      Yes. All my tests show that WP Supersized is compatible with WP 3.9.1.

      • Hi Benoit and Cylis,
        I’ve just made some tests and I’ve discovered that with WP 3.9.1 the control bar in the footer disappears. I’ve installed older versions of the plugin on older versions of WP and everything is fine, but not with latest version of the plugin on WP 3.9.1.
        Can you please help me? I really need to fix it! 🙁
        Here you can see a test page: http://www.articalab.com/chi-siamo/

      • I’m sorry for bothering you! 🙁
        I think the problem is with the theme. The strange thing is that when I developed the site everything was fine, control bar worked. I discovered that it disappeared just a few days ago. What can it be?

      • Frederica,
        I would think that it could come from the css of your theme ? If it was a jQuery problem, it would most probably affect the whole plugin, not only the control bar.

  3. Hi Benoit,
    thank you for your super plugin! I have a strange issue: suddenly the bottom control bar disappeared and I don’t know why! I’m using WP 3.9.1 and NGGallery 2.0.66. Other plugin installed: fancybox for WP, CF7, SEO Ultimate and CodeFlavors Vimeo Video Post.
    Can you help me please?

  4. Thanks for finally writing about >Back after more than a year of silence <Liked it!